The company has arrangements with various operators of road network for movement of goods of various sizes across Egypt. Read more
Movement of goods has traditionally been in the unorganized sector. There are limited players and large need for reliable logistics services in the county. Read more
The company offers customs clearance facility for both inbound and outbound shipments at Cairo airport. Read more
The company offers debt collection as a special and unique service. While regular debt collection of a customer is offered on a regular basis the company. Read more
The company believes that reliable service for delivery of important and critical documents or shipments is vital to any business. The company has committed riders on offer to its customers. Read more
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The Egyptian company For clearance and freight was newly established on 2005 . The company is specialized in customs clearance,
domestic transportation , and freight forwarding activities .

The Egyptian company for clearance and freight is a sister company for FedEx Egypt and the owner of Egypt Express the licensee of
FedEx is one of the partners and the chairman for the Egyptian Company for clearance & freight .

The company intends to provide the same level of service quality as FedEx for all the services provided.