The vision of the company is to be a market leader in freight and logistics business for air, sea and regional land freight segment of the market.
Our Core Value
*Employees are the most important part of our company.
*Our customer expectation must be considered at all times.
*Information technology is the key to our success.
*Our revenue must grow at a rate, which is at least double the gross rate of our competitors.
Our Policy
*Our success comes from a focus on customer satisfaction through widespread and active employees are dedicated to continual improvement in providing extraordinary responsive.
*The management of the company is committed to ensuring that customer will receive products and services which shall meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
*We always invest in our employees through different kinds of training.
*Follow – up activities to ensure skills learned in training are used on the job.
Our Objectives
*A win win relationship built on trust and efficiency.
*Develop and maintain a team that enhances the service offerings of the company through increased quality and productivity.
*Provide an atmosphere that encourages every employee to achieve his /her full potential.
*Each employee must serve customers well, both internal and external customers.
*Model marketing and service activities to the international organization for standardization.
*Win- win situation very important for all the team to gain our goals.
*Develop the companies strategic and technical plans required to move forward and reaching the company vision.
*Continually develop and communicate the rules and responsibilities based on employees and business needs.
Responsibility and commitment
*Make decision and take on projects the team sees as important in keeping with critical business success factors and company needs.
*Provide an environment that allows creativity improvement and encourages accomplishments.
*Inform the team about company vision, mission, goals and progress.
*Give the team some measure of authority to take on delegated and to make decisions free of bureaucratic process.
*Appreciate and acknowledge success and take responsibility for mistakes and breakdowns.
*Keep communication between management and other teams open.
*We will reach and achieve our vision through our concentration in three critical areas which are People, Services and profit.
*Our core values are the employees and customers which are the 1st priority in the company.
*Our customer's expectation should be considered and exceeded at all times.